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Main idea:
Allow to receive ALL VARIOUS products information directly in the online shop

http://lh3.ggpht.com/_jGCf8Hc7PT8/TLOeNekC-5I/AAAAAAAAAIM/V4OnJSyRpZU/demoshop1.jpg http://lh3.ggpht.com/_jGCf8Hc7PT8/TLOeNrm9cNI/AAAAAAAAAIQ/r932MqnuxPQ/demoshop2.jpg http://lh3.ggpht.com/_jGCf8Hc7PT8/TLOeNlNF-6I/AAAAAAAAAIU/utVvBNpKbtA/demoshop3.jpg http://lh5.ggpht.com/_jGCf8Hc7PT8/TLOeN5p-W3I/AAAAAAAAAIY/mtxAcVSKFN8/demoshop4.jpg


The project consists of these parts:
  1. Database of links to the products descriptions (next DBLINKS) with links to the products descriptions and the reference statistics
  2. Web site (next SITE) to register user (online shop owner) in this project. This site also contain sections of personal settings, usage statistics and payment information.
  3. Web service (next SERVICE) to provide XML data with links to the products descriptions
  4. Database of user pesonal settings (next DBUSERS) and usage statistics and payment information
  5. Online software/service (next SPIDER) for automatic search for products descriptions on the web and add this links into DBLINKS, and also indexing and categorization new links
  6. Web site/forms (next PUBLISHER) for manual filling/adding links to the products descriptions into DBLINKS and products descriptions information into DBINFO
  7. Web site for trade exchange of unique content of products descriptions (next MARKET)
  8. Database of products descriptions which published in our project (next DBINFO)
  9. Support Forum (next FORUM)and BLOG to support users and provide more information about project
  10. Set of plugins (next PLUGIN) for popular CMS eshop modules or JavaScript widgets witch integrate our SERVICE features into online shop

Pic.1 Interaction with users

User diagram

Pic.2 Project architecture

Project architecture

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